Probably the most difficult thing about believing in God for most people is the question we raised last Sunday from the Book of Job, thought to be the oldest book of the Bible.  It addresses the question of why good people suffer such horrible things.  Cancer, accidents, birth defects, natural disasters – and it does not help that even insurance companies call the results of weather related disasters “Acts of God.”  No.  They are natural disasters, that’s it.  I cannot believe that God has anything at all to do with bad things that happen to good people.  Just consider the murder of the 9 African American sisters and brothers in Christ.  Their only “crime” was to warmly and openly welcome the shooter.  Where in this story is God?  Where is God’s healing?  Where is God’s grace.  Come to church  this Sunday and hear more about the difference between Healing and Curing.  I believe you will find it helpful.  Remember, one service only at 8:00AM.  Bring a friend!  Pastor Janis and Aina.